Discovery Street OY is an innovative platform for people working to better the future.

Our team Codebox thrives to assist Discovery Street in their endeavor. We're a group of five students from Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (JAMK for short) and we have taken on the assignment relating to Discovery Street's latest innovation. We're here to learn but also to deliver the best possible end product.

When COVID-19 hit in the spring 2020, Discovery Street started developing an app that could identify the virus on an individual based on health data collected from sports devices. The idea has since expanded. What if the app could be used in medical field generally? Or as an assistant for physical rehabilitation? The app itself has been developed, and Codebox is here to integrate its functionality with a health device or service - such as a sports watch or Google Health.

The development of this integration can be followed on this page!



Hannu Kujanpää
Team leader / Developer


Hilma Myöhänen


Markus Haverinen


Mirva Tulonen


Juho Blomberg


We're continuing to work on the backend and frontend of the app.
Our team back from the holidays for the new year. We'll take a while to catch up with where we left off before the holidays, and then we're ready to get back to work.
We're starting our last sprint for this year. We've been considering to perhaps re-work the app in order to make it fit what we're trying to achieve and to give us a better learning experience. Overall we've made good progress with the project so far; we're able to pull data from Garmin and we have a simple user interface in the works. Our final checkpoint of the year will be someday next week, and we will return to working on the project after the holidays.
Right now we can get the user's data from Garmin as a JSON file, which includes everything that Garmin records of the user. So there is a lot of data and we must think of how to store it in a database in an organized and efficient manner. Next step is to make working frontend and backend that use the python script that fetches the user's data but also implement the original 'Pull My Data'-app.
We set up our project on GitHub and created a MongoDB account (for database). Last week we found a Python script that can be used to export data from a Garmin account. If we use it or something similar, we have to come up with a user interface for it, and automate the running of the script, because right now it is used by running it on command prompt and user's username and password must be manually typed.
9.11.2020 - 22.11.2020
We're starting to look into exporting wellness data from mobile devices without having to go through an API. Any data gathered by the user's health app, be it Garmin or Polar, is still property of the user. With user's consent, collecting the data for our app should be possible. For example Garmin allows users to export their data as a spreadsheet (among other file formats). Without a health device to collect data, our testing is limited but we should be receiving test products soon enough.
Last couple of weeks we've worked on documentation, tentative planning and getting the paperwork in order. Today our team started planning the architecture and general guidelines for the project.
26.10.2020 - 8.11.2020
Our goal for the first sprint is to familiarize ourselves with the needed systems and settle on which health service to concentrate on first. Right now we're looking into using Polar API. Polar develops different kinds of sport watches, and is one of the most popular brands. We're hopefully getting our hands on some Polar or Garmin products in the following weeks and can keep developing while also testing the devices first-hand.